We, the Bigfork Community Players, are determined to do community theater well. A performance should leave the actors proud for having left the audience delighted. Hearty laughter at the comic lines is essential. Tears at the touching moments are appreciated. Rapt silence at the climactic conclusion is expected. But that’s not enough. When the final lights go out or the final curtain falls, the audience has to be changed for the better. Changed in the sense of being excited to live life fuller or relieved that, compared to the characters onstage, their own life decisions have been wiser. Shared experience makes us closer, makes us a community. Community theater provides shared experience.

We start this season with Neil Simon's Comedy, The Odd Couple.

No one would mistake Oscar Madison for a clean freak. Even his weekly poker buddies comment on recognizing last week’s garbage piled on his furniture. But Oscar is a happy man, comfortable in his squalor, accepting of his divorce, and optimistic about the twin divorcees he recently met in the elevator. Felix Unger is less positive. About life, love, and the future in general. His wife has just kicked him too for, among other things, his obsessive nature and his compulsive neatness. He needs a place to stay. Is it possible that moving in together could solve both their problems? Possible, yes. But it’s also possible that pigs could fly.

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