The Play

Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring

The Director

Michele Shapero

The Story

Mortimer Brewster is in love. And he's just proposed to Elaine, the girl of his dreams. What's more, she's accepted his proposal. Now he needs to break up with her.

Mind you, it's just to protect her. Turns out his family is a little weird and Mortimer is afraid maybe it got into his the genes. One could accept his delusional brother, "Teddy Roosevelt," who spends his time digging the Panama Canal in the basement. Perhaps even ignore his psychopathic brother Jonathan who's been out of sight, out of mind, doing God knows what with the Chicago Mob. But he's back. And what's worse, it turns out his two incalculably gentle and caring aunts, Martha and Abigail, have been murdering lonely men by the dozen. And burying them in the basement.

Yes, it's a lot to ask of a girl. Especially one like Elaine, whose father is a Methodist minister.

The Characters


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