The Play

An original play by David Vale based on H.G. Wells' classic

The Director

Michele Shapero

The Story

Late in the 19th Century H. G. Wells gave us the classic story of alien invasion, War of the Worlds. Overwhelmed by the surprise attack of a technologically superior race from outer space and seeing the realities of conquest from the side of the conquered, humanity’s only hope for survival was a power beyond its own. In the second production of this new work by local playwright David Vale, the experience of an alien attack is brought home to the Flathead Valley. With alien vessels landing not just in Creston and Bigfork, but all over the world, no one is safe. Woods Bay is leveled and other alien machines approaching from the North. Even the team broadcasting from KFLT TV in downtown Bigfork fears for its safety. Last year the invasion was reported on the radio. This year it's on television. In living color.

The Cast


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